Gary S. Terhune, MS-MVP (20002008)

I, GAry Terhune, was a Microsoft MVP from 2000 through 2008. I focused on helping users of Microsoft Windows 98 and greatly enjoyed that pastime and most of the people I encountered in the Windows 98 newsgroups. My MVP career was brought to a close by several issues, all resulting from ill health. To any persons whom I unduly insulted in the summer of 2008, (emphasis on "unduly",) I apologize profusely. To all my friends and colleagues, I thank you for everything that I gained from our experiences. For those who would like to know what the heck happened to me, you can read more here. Below, I have two major offering for Windows 9x users, plus two old articles.

Unofficial Updates
Windows 98, 98SE and ME
Two ISO files that are used to create 2 CDs. The first CD is a copy of the Windows Security Updates CD (2004) from Microsoft. The second CD contains all the remaining updates issued for the system after the above noted Microsoft collection was published.
CD_1: Windows Updates Security Updates 2004 (SECUP_9x.iso) (Run the CD, follow instructions.)

CD_2: Unofficial Updates for Win98, 98SE and ME (UPDATE9x.iso) (Should run CD1 first. "Filelist.txt" files contain vital info.)

I am also providing these two runtimes for your convenience: vbrun60sp5.exe and scr56en.exe (v. 8825).

Time Zones Update, 2007

Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000

(Note that the last update was in 2007 and is now obsolete. Then again, Windows 98 is even more obsolete!))


Here are two articles I wrote a long time ago. They only apply to Windows 98 and 98SE and the Security article is completely obsolete. I leave them here for the sake of posterity.

"Clean Boot -- What it is and why you need it"